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  • DISCOVER: The little known advertising strategy that allows us to reach 98% of the unaware market, without ever needing to compete in saturated niches
  • DISCOVER: How we scale brands to 8-figures, while we consistently generate 100 - 300 new customers every day without drastically increasing our cost-per-acquisition
  • DISCOVER: The step-by-step process on how we constantly generate average click-through-rates of 15% and conversion rates of 8%, while generating tons of highly profitable customers
40+ Mio €
Total Ad Spent
120+ Mio €
Umsatz generiert
150+ Brands
Profitabel skaliert
19 Branchen
Why WORK With Us?

Over $200M in Generated Revenue For Over 150 Brands Worldwide

  • Escape the Saturated, Unpredictable & Stressful Red Ocean: So that you can start taking advantage of the shockingly untapped blue ocean of Germany and other European countries!
  • Avoid having ALL your eggs in ONE basket: Diversify your business with a more scalable, stable and stress.-free traffic source that's wildly profitable!
  • Discover the "Scaling Ecommerce" Framework: And generate an additional 100 - 300 highly-profitable orders every day by using 'untapped' markets, while generating a steady stream of new customers, tons of brand awareness, attracting press & even investors!
  • ​Get a team of direct response marketers: Who will write and translate your ad copies, coach you on how to create winning ads, strategize, setup, launch, manage, optimize and scale all of your ads.

Here's what we offer...

Here's what we offer...


For eCommerce Businesses Currently Generating Over $70K/month who want to work with a team of experts who can run all your ads for you
  • Our team will write & translate all your ads, strategize & explain the ad strategies, and teach your employees so you don't have to.
  • Our team will setup, launch, manage, optimize, and scale all your ad campaigns for you, we take all the heavy lifting off your plate
  • Our team will help you fix any bottlenecks that prevent us from scaling and give you the most up to date scaling strategies to ensure the highest ROAS possible!


For eCommerce Businesses Looking To Scale To $70K/month by learning how generate 100 - 300 customers every day, using our proven strategies
  • Receive our proven step-by-step system to creating and running high-ROI Google & Facebook Ads that convert into highly profitable customers!
  • Receive access to our untapped strategies to scale your eCommerce business past $70k/month in record time
  • Meet and collaborate with other 7 & 8-figure eCommerce brand owners who are all focused on scaling their business, and constantly leveling up as a person!
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If You Are Looking to Scroll for a While


€1,17 Mio. In Revenue With Google Ads Using 2 Campaign Setup - 20,72 ROAS

Automotive brand

+1,17€ Mio. In Additional Revenue Within 8 Months

From Spending $1000/day to $10,000/day in LESS than 5 months While Increasing ROAS by 2x Times


+2,5€ Mio. In Additional Revenue Within 5 Months

From 5 Orders per Day For This Startup To 70 Orders per Day While Increasing ROAS By 88,5% YoY


+2,17€ Mio. In Additional Revenue Within 12 Months

Launching & Scaling This Fashion Brand In Germany From €0 to €1,4 Mio. In Revenue Within 180 Days

Fashion brand

+1,14 Mio in Additional Revenue within 180 Days

4415 Highly Profitable Orders in LESS than 1 month - 2,35 ROAS For NEW Customers


+500,000 in Additional Revenue within 30 days

Quadrupling The Facebook Ad Spend For This Brand While Increasing ROAS By 90% YoY

Food & beverage brand

+1,62 Mio. in Additional Revenue Within 12 Months

Scaling YouTube Ads For This Ecommerce Brand To 12,148 Conversions Within 6 Months And Attracting International Press

Consumer goods brand

+900,000 in Additional Revenue Within 12 Months


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Kommt dir Folgendes bekannt vor?
  Deine Facebook Ads laufen zwar halbwegs, allerdings tust du dir schwer überhaupt profitabel zu sein und kannst somit deine Marke nicht weiter wachsen lassen?
  Du gibst aktuell mehrere Tausend Euro pro Monat an Werbung aus, weisst aber nicht wie du noch weiter profitabel skalieren kannst, damit du deine Ziele erreichst?
  Du machst Umsatz und verkaufst deine Produkte über einen Online Shop, aber es bleibt einfach zu wenig Gewinn übrig, sodass du keine weiteren Mitarbeiter einstellen kannst, um Arbeit abgeben zu können?
  Du hast das Marketing schon mal an eine Agentur abgegeben, welche nicht die gewünschten Resultate lieferte und schlussendlich dann doch nur dein Geld verbrannt hat?
  Du fühlst dich unproduktiv vor lauter Aufgaben und weisst gar nicht genau, was der nächste beste Schritt ist?
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What to Expect

So that we can be most efficient with your time we need to identify these 3 key pieces of information so we can provide you with tailored and effective insights on our brief call together


Your Ideal

NExt Step
Let us help you identify your next milestone, for us to work towards as partners.


Your Custom

Let us show you the most efficient path to scale towards the milestone we set together.


Your Biggest

Let us help you remove what is preventing you from scaling & achieving your ideal result.


Your Ideal

NExt Step
Let us help you identify your next milestone, for us to work towards as partners.


Your Custom

Let us show you the most efficient path to scale towards the milestone we set together.


Your Biggest

Let us help you remove what is preventing you from scaling & achieving your ideal result.
"Brian and his team have been nothing but stellar in everything they've done for us, from writing the scripts to putting the whole strategy together, to executing the media buying... really really happy with you guys!
"Brian and his team have been nothing but stellar in everything they've done for us, from writing the scripts to putting the whole strategy together, to executing the media buying... really really happy with you guys!
Roland Frasier
Co-Founder of Digital Marketer
Would We MAKE
A Good Fit?

Truth Is We Are NOT A Good Fit For Most Businesses...

Truth Is We Are NOT A Good Fit For Most Businesses & Entrepreneurs...


  • 6, 7 and 8-figure eCommerce brands, Brick & Mortar, Direct To Consumer brands, B2B brands, and businesses that sell physical products (in popular categories like Fashion, Retail, Consumer Goods, Beauty and more.)
  • Businesses that want to learn how to properly run profitable ads for their brand and that need help with getting results.
  • Businesses who are looking for a growth partner and want to learn from an agency who's managing over $1m/month on YouTube/Google/Facebook.


  • Course creators, coaches, masterminds, affiliate marketers that don't sell physical products directly to their customers.
  • ​Faceless brands that are looking for us to only implement our marketing strategy. We only work serious business owners that are interested in long-term collaboration.
  • ​Business owners and entrepreneurs who micromanage, nitpick, are super passive aggressive, and don't like their customers.
Meta Business Partner
Over 20000+ agencies in Germany. Only a selected few are Meta Business Partner
Top PPC Agency Germany 2023
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Google Ads Agency Partner
Over 20000+ agencies in Germany. Only a selected few are Google Agency Partner
Arnas Klasauskas
Co-Founder & Director For KISS Agency

He is a marketer & eCommerce expert with over 7 years of experience. After working on the client-side for a few years, he decided to help other eCommerce businesses to scale past 7-figures.

In 2020 he founded KISS Agency, together with Dominik Prugovecki & Philipp Herglotz and already helped over 150 brands worldwide to explore and scale new opportunities.

While working for the agency, Arnas was invited to speak on various conferences, teaching students the secrets behind performance marketing and giving seminars to over 50,000 students. 

In 2023 together with Dominik Prugovecki & Philipp Herglotz, they released their 2nd book "Scaling Ecommerce".
Dominik Prugovecki
PPC Growth Consultant at KISS Agency

Dominik is a passionate growth marketer and e-commerce expert with over 7 years of experience. Already at the age of 16, he built up several online stores himself, and with this experience, he quickly scaled the online family business and managed the online advertising campaigns there.

Based on his success stories, he helped hundreds of online stores scale as a PPC freelancer in the following years.

His mission is to scale online stores to 7 and 8 figures revenue in a predictable, profitable, and with high capital efficiency.
Philipp Herglotz
PPC Growth Consultant at KISS Agency

Philipp is a passionate online marketer, speaker and e-commerce expert with over 6 years of experience. After scaling hundreds of online store projects as a freelancer for several years, he now helps other e-commerce companies grow with KISS.

After initially starting out running ads on the side, he helped several startups around the world scale to multiple 8-figure revenues per year through paid advertising on Google and Facebook, where he managed four- and five-figure daily budgets for multiple clients.

His mission is to help e-commerce brand owners cross revenue plateaus through innovative marketing concepts, better understand marketing and PPC at its core, and continue to grow.
Wie läuft ein Erstgespräch ab?
Unser Erstgespräch dient dazu herauszufinden, welche Herausforderungen deine Brand aktuell davon abhält, deine Umsatzziele zu erreichen. Daraufhin erarbeiten wir gemeinsam einen Plan, wie deine Brand ganzheitlich skaliert werden kann.

Dabei lernen wir uns unverbindlich kennen und du kannst deine Fragen stellen. Gemeinsam schauen wir, ob eine gemeinsame Zusammenarbeit für beide Seiten infrage kommt.
Mit wem spreche ich, wenn ich einen Termin vereinbare?
Mit Daniel Bidmon persönlich oder einem Experten aus unserem Team
Warum sollte ich das Marketing in meinem Shop outsourcen und nicht einfach Mitarbeiter einstellen?
Es kann risikoreich sein, direkt viele Mitarbeiter für das Marketing und einzelne Bereiche einzustellen, besonders wenn du gerade skalieren möchtest.

Bei ECOM HOUSE erhältst du dagegen direkt dein eigenes Marketing Team aus Copywritern, Strategen, Media-Buyern und Designern – bist aber nicht langfristig an Arbeitsverträge gebunden und bleibst somit immer flexibel.

Zudem erhalten alle unsere Mitarbeiter regelmäßige Weiterbildungen und haben bereits zahlreiche E-Commerce Brands betreut. Dadurch sind wir immer am Puls der Zeit und bekommen Trends frühzeitig mit – diesen Einblick kann kein Mitarbeiter erhalten, da er nur für den eigenen Shop verantwortlich ist.

So reagieren wir schnell auf Änderungen im Online-Marketing (z. B. das IOS Update) und haben für nahezu alle Nischen und Branchen best practices vorzuweisen. Deine Brand kann so schneller wachsen, dir wird Arbeit abgenommen und du bleibst zu jeder Zeit völlig flexibel.
Was unterscheidet euch von den anderen Agenturen?
Unser ganzheitlicher Ansatz: Wir liefern dir nicht nur Meta Ads, sondern auch E-Mail-, Influencer- und TikTok Marketing sowie Google Ads. Einzelne Experten für jedes Gebiet stimmen sich untereinander ab und minimieren so deinen Zeitaufwand enorm.

Du erhältst profitables Wachstum über alle Kanäle hinweg und aus einer Hand – so erzielst du die besten Resultate.
Woher weiß ich, dass das Framework bei mir funktioniert?
Unser Framework haben wir mit eigenen Onlineshops und zahlreichen Brands aus den unterschiedlichsten Nischen direkt aus der Praxis entwickelt: Fashion, Beauty, Accessoires, Fitness, Fashion, Lebensmittel, Home, Supplements, Skincare, Haustiere, Gepäck und vielen Weiteren.

In unserem Training lehren wir dieses Framework und setzen es in unserer Agentur ECOM HOUSE für 7- bis 8-stellige Brands Tag für Tag um.

Das Framework baut auf verkaufspsychologischen Grundlagen auf und funktioniert für jede Nische und jede Brand. Sollten wir dennoch im Erstgespräch der Meinung sein, dass unser Framework nicht das Richtige für dich ist, werden wir dir auch keine Zusammenarbeit anbieten. 
Wie lange geht eine Zusammenarbeit – und bekomme ich lange Laufzeiten aufgedrückt?
So lange, wie du willst! Wir verzichten auf Knebelverträge und monatelange Verpflichtungen. Unsere Kunden dürfen jeden Monat entscheiden, ob sie weiter mit uns arbeiten oder nicht. 

Apropos: Unsere Kunden bleiben von sich aus gerne mehrere Monate und Jahre bei uns.
Wie viel kostet eine Zusammenarbeit?
Das hängt von verschiedenen Faktoren ab: wo du stehst, wo du hin willst und welche Services du in Anspruch nimmst.

Unsere Preise sind dabei transparent und du kannst sie dir wie ein “Baukasten” vorstellen: Du kannst jederzeit einzelne Pakete, wie z. B. E-Mail Marketing, hinzu- oder abwählen.

So bleibst du jederzeit flexibel, wenn du beispielsweise bereits Mitarbeiter hast, neue einstellst oder die Umstände sich ändern.
Ich hatte bisher schlechte Erfahrungen mit Agenturen, was ist hier anders?
Das können wir gut nachfühlen! In Gesprächen mit Onlineshop-Betreibern hören wir immer wieder, dass Agenturen nicht das liefern, was sie versprechen. Geld wurde verbrannt, Vertrauen missbraucht, man wurde hingehalten.

Schlichtweg war es nicht das, was dir verkauft oder versprochen wurde. Zeigen sich dann die Ergebnisse nicht, gibt’s gleich die passenden Ausreden: “Der Pixel muss sich erst aufwärmen”, “IOS 14” und und und…

Genau deshalb haben wir unser Training ECOM SECRETS sowie unsere Agentur ECOM HOUSE ins Leben gerufen.

Mit ECOM HOUSE unterstützen wir ambitionierte Brands mit unserem ganzheitlichen Ansatz dabei, auf 8-stellige Umsätze zu wachsen. Mit unserem Framework haben wir bereits über 100 Onlinehändlern und E-Com Brands geholfen, zu wachsen und ihnen profitabel über 120 Mio. € Umsatz generiert.
Ich habe noch Fragen!
Gerne erreichst du uns unter  und wir melden uns in kurzer Zeit bei dir zurück. Alternativ kannst du gerne all deine Fragen in unserem gemeinsamen Gespräch stellen!

Your First Step is Below:

do you qualify?
ATTENTION: We only accept new clients on a temporary basis, as we work with our clients on a long-term basis. For a chance to work with us, answer the questions and schedule an interview now while they are still available.

Still Have Questions? Here Are Some Answers...


​ Is this just another course or coaching program?

Not at all. We offer a Done-With-You + Done-For-You service that allows us to take all the heavy lifting off your plate, so that you can focus on being the CEO of your business, not a media buyer.


Our Agency's Done-For-You pricing is customized to the clients needs and goals. And the best way for us to help you is to first get some context on your business and what you’re trying to do, then based on that we can share with you only the aspects of what we do which would be relevant and useful to you specifically.

​ will this work for me?

We developed our framework directly from practical experience with our own online stores and numerous brands from a wide variety of niches: Fashion, Beauty, Accessories, Fitness, Fashion, Food, Home, Supplements, Skincare, Pets, Luggage, and many more.

The framework is built on sales psychology fundamentals and works for any niche and any brand. However, if we are of the opinion that our framework is not the right one for you, we will not offer you any cooperation.

​ what makes you special?

We do not focus on temporary strategies, neither do we put all of our eggs in one basket. What works for one brand might won't work for another tomorrow. Most agencies do what everybody else is doing or simply hop on the next trend.

At KISS we focus on classic advertising combined with modern advertising tools. This is the reason why we're able to achieve much greater results than most agencies that simply copy & paste strategies and don't think outside of the box.


Not a problem! Some of our clients who we've helped scale have never ran Ads before working with us either. But they did have an offer and an online store that was proven to convert, a lot of happy clients and great products, and were ready to invest in paid ads.

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