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About KISS

We want to help entrepreneurs to grow in Germany with top-notch Pay-Per-Click Advertising. That is what we are best at. Since 2015.

What we stand for

Performance Marketing at its best
Directly Out of The Field


As 100% trained and IHK-certified e-commerce specialists, we all have practical experience and know the needs and wishes of online shop owners inside out. Therefore we work every day to realize the maximum potential of our clients AND ourselves. We always strive to provide our customers with the best possible solutions and services.

We work together with German authorities to help you enter and scale in the German market.


By 2025, we will be one of the leading performance marketing agencies in Europe. We help brands that are still unknown today to become world-famous tomorrow.

What we achieved

In 2022 we spent more than 6 million euro in adspend for our clients so far

Through strategy, planning, and top-notch implementation we scale the leading brands of tomorrow. We then fine-tune a performance marketing plan that allows us to laser focus.

6 Mio.
Adspend in 2022
19,8 Mio.
Generated Revenue
Managed E-Commerce Projects
The people behind kiss agency

Our Amazing Performance Team


Mannaging Director /
PPC Manager


Partner /
PPC Consultant


Partner /
PPC Consultant


PPC Specialist
Our core strenght

PPC Only
100% Performance-driven

We focus on what generates revenue for you. And we do it now, not in 6 months, so we leave SEO, organic social media development and awareness campaigns to someone else. We leave all that to others. We drive revenue.

Our favourite way of working is performance-based. 🙂
Due to increasing changes in the data protection declarations of various countries, it has become complex to make everything clearly measurable. We are always interested in a performance-based model, but the feasibility must always be checked individually.

All platforms interact with each other. Especially highly complex and sensitive, algorithm-controlled platforms such as Google and Facebook. Only with an overall view and close interlocking of the management of both platforms can the advertising placement be designed most efficiently.

We are friends of results. Of measurable and ideally immediate results. But because we also know that SEO is an important part of overall marketing in the long term, we always have appropriate recommendations for partners in our network at hand if needed.
This way, we can always focus on what we are good at: Performance Marketing.

Trusted by leading brands
of today or tomorrow

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